Monday, May 25, 2009

Real Life Takes Over

I have to apologize to my followers for being away so long. Real life just kind of stepped in and took over. I lost my creativity for a while, but I believe it is back. I once again have the urge to 'mini' and have made some progress on Nanny Hazel's house.

Today I made a nifty little bowl.

I receive a newsletter on a regular basis that had a link to the instructions. will take you to the main page and you can explore from there. It is a fantastic minis area with tons of ideas and suggestion. I tried to make a regular link to it but for some reason it wouldn't work. Just highlight the web address and copy and paste to your address bar. I recommend signing up for Lesley's newsletter if you haven't already.

Along with the bowl/flowerpots I have been working on the bathroom for Nanny. She and Bub have been more than patient with me. Nanny isn't much of a frilly lasy, however she does like her floral bathroom. This is where she like to be ladylike.

I have left the roof off on this side to have better access to the bathroom.

This is a closer shot of the wall sconce. I really like these, they brighten up the room.

It won't be too much longer and I will be ready to attach that roof. Then it will be time to shingle. Better get busy staining them so they have plenty of time to dry. I am also unpacking more and more of Hazel's things so I will be getting them placed and added more photos! I look forward to your next visit.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Livingroom Couch

I have been working a little at a time on the couch for Hazel's livingroom. I finally finished it today.

I found Hazel's favorite mirror packed away in an old chest. After cleaning it up a bit and hanging it, I get Hazel's final approval.

I am hoping to get some free time this week to start on the bathroom. Bub is tired of bathing in the sink.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Kitchen Update

Nanny Hazel is finally able to sit down in her kitchen and have a good strong cup of coffee. She apparently has had company. Perhaps that is who Nanny is gazing at through the open window. She mentioned at one time having a 'friend' named Don, but I haven't met him. Maybe some day I will catch him when he visits.

We are both happy with her appliances. I am growing to like the red color that Nanny loves so much.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nanny Hazel's Bedroom

Well I finally got out of my slump a little and worked on getting the furnishings ready for Hazel's bedroom. Her original full sized bed would not fit so I had to find her a small one. She is happy with it, for now. Hopefully she will let me get other things ready for the house before she decides she needs a bigger bed. It won't be too long and Bub will be needing a big boy bed. Let's not rush things though. Nanny Hazel is in no hurry for that. She was nice enough to agree to show her new things.

I don't see much mini-ing time this week ahead. Full schedule until Saturday afternoon, so I don't expect to accomplish much. I did get the refridgerator installed and the plumber installed the kitchen faucet. Soon Nanny Hazel will be filling the house full of smells from her wonderful cooking. Bub is looking forward to that. The table and chairs need a good cleaning before they can be brought in. They have been in storage awhile. Hopefully I can get these smaller things done this week.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Making up lost time

Oh what a week it has been. I came down with a nasty sinus infection that put me out for a number of days. Now that I am feeling better I made some progress on Nanny Hazel's appliances. The stove is finally finished. I thought it was finished before put while I was out sick, Nanny had a few ideas of her own. She decide to fix it up a little as she says. What started as an all white stove ended up as a custom creation by Nanny. She went out to the shed and found a can of Farmall Red paint and went to town on the stove. Somewhere she found a rooster print and decopaged it onto the top of the stove. I think it actually turned out nicely and Nanny Hazel is finally happy about something. Here is her work of art.

As you can see, she is already thinking of breakfast for her and Bub. Two soft boiled eggs to share and some strong coffee for her.

Next in line is the sink. I will make sure I put some red in there to make her happy. Hopefully the rest of the lumber will arrive for her shelves. Also we are still waiting for the fridge. Hopefully it will be here soon. So much to do and Nanny has so little patience.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Afternoon

Today being Sunday and a chilly rainy day at that, it seems appropriate for everyone in the house to take a little nap. Nanny Hazel put Bub down for one a little earlier.
Since hubby was napping on the couch, I decided to grab a little shut-eye on the bed. I wasn't in there very long when I heard something odd and came out to take a look. I found Nanny sitting on the bench in the entry of her house. Just sitting, admiring the newely painted swinging door to her kitchen.

Figuring she was just admiring the doors, I headed back down the hall to try and get that nap I so dearly wanted. I no sooner began to fall into dreamland when hubby awakens me. "Umm honey, you'd better get up and come and look at this" was my sweet awakening. Wondering what the cats have possibly gotten into now, I sling my legs over then edge and slump down the hall into the livingroom. "What?" I asked, not seeing anything strange in the room. "Over here" he replies. I walk into my little crafting room right off of the livingroom and here is what I find.

"What are you doing Nanny?" I asked. She simply looked at me and said "Well you gonna stand there with your mouth open gawkin' at me or you gonna give me a hand with this dang wall?" I rushed over to give her a hand. She had already gotten the floor piece and the front wall pulled up. When we got it up on the table she sat down on here bench. "I'm plum tuckered out from that." When I asked her why she was hauling the walls up, she said she wanted to get a better look at her kitchen. She said the blue sink was not going to work. I told her that it hasn't been painted yet and it will look wonderful when I am done. She didn't look convinced. She asked again about the roosters. I told her to be patient. She apparently feels she is too old to be patient. She also wants some red in there. Told me she would let me know what she wanted red when she decided. This gal is a handful let me tell ya.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Arrival Day

Nanny Hazel has finally made it! It was a cold rainy day outside, but indoors Bub was shining with happiness.

Here they are together in Nanny Hazel's room. Her bed hasn't arrived yet, so she may have to borrow a bed.

Tiny Judi stopped over for a visit. She always enjoys spending time with Bub and Nanny Hazel.

Now that she has arrived we can get down to business with her and Bub's house. Nanny has a lot of ideas and I can tell that she is determined. "Roosters" was the first thing she hollered for when we started discussing the kitchen. She does love roosters. I think that I can work with that. Here is what we have accomplished so far.

She loves the swinging door. I just knew she would. She said that she wants it white, to match all the other trim. She also loves white trim. She says that if all the trim in a house is white then the paint is cheaper and you can afford to keep it looking nice. Nanny is very frugal.

These walls will most likely be where the kitchen cupboards go. Nanny enjoys looking out the window while she washes up the dishes, so the sink will likely be positioned there.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit. Check back often as I have a lot of ideas going through my head and that means updates!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Window Treatments

I worked on dressing the windows in the two bedrooms. For Bub's room I went with cornices only for now. I may add mini blinds someday.

In Nanny Hazel's room I installed the curtains that she sent me. These are handmade and she has always loved them.

Bub is being a rascal these days. He has taken off his little shorts and thrown them out of the crib, along with his drum.

No word yet on Nanny Hazel's arrival date. She has sent some of her belongings ahead so I have placed them in the attic storage area. She is very fond of her handmade crocheted rugs and her wonderful hats.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Nanny Hazel and Tiny Judi

I received an email this morning from my wonderful Aunt Jo up in Michigan. She commented on the interesting name for Nanny Hazel. Nanny Hazel is indeed named for my two grandmothers. My Grandma (my Mom's mom) was always called Nanny or Little Grandma. She was not very tall. My Great Grandma was called Big Grandma as she was taller than Little Grandma. Her first name was Hazel. Confusing I know, But it worked. So here is Big Grandma and Grandpa many many years ago.

Here is a picture of Nanny Hazel, who will be taking care of Bub in the Laurel house.

About a year ago, I purchased a 'grab box' from a seller on eBay. I received a sweet little doll in the assortment. Now, up until this point I had not even considered putting dolls in my houses. I have never been much of a doll person. This little one changed my way of thinking. I named her Tiny Judi. I think you will understand after you look at the next two photos.

So there is the story behind my namings. This one is for you Aunt Jo!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Wonderful News!

I just found out that Nanny Hazel will be arriving sometime this coming week. Bub and I are so excited! We can hardly wait. Fortunately I have made enough progress on her house that she will be pleasantly surprise. All that is really left to do of the major construction is the shingling of the main roof. I will finish that up tomorrow. I lost all my good natural lighting when the sun went down. So, I am off to work on some of the smaller details. Rugs are in place and Bub has taken up temporary residence in his room.

Laurel Update

I took the opportunity of a day off to work on the shingling for the porch roof. I am still debating if I should put another coat of stain on them. It turned out better than I hoped, but I am not certain I like the way it looks. I will have to get used to it I guess because I do not feel like redoing it. Perhaps once the main roof is done it will be more appealing to me.

I have started on the third floor room. It will be a combination of sewing and storage. Nanny Hazel is hoping for a sewing machine. Now that she is taking care of Bub, she will have to make him some new things. She doesn't have much for a baby. Pictures will follow shortly. I am playing the waiting game on the ceiling/roof piece. For some reason I skipped it when I did the majority of my priming. The weather is warm today with a nice breeze coming in so it shouldn't take too long to dry. I have picked out a lovely wallpaper for the side walls. More to come....

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pretty Snow

It doesn't happen often here in South Carolina, but when it does it certainly is pretty. Well, as long as I am on the inside looking out.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Off Topic

Just going a little off topic with this post. My house is quiet since my son left to go back to Texas. Not that he made a lot of noise, but with one less person talking it just seems quiet, perhaps too quiet. The woes of a mom. Sometimes it is tough when the kids grow up and head out on their own. My son and I are very close and it makes it difficult for me when he leaves. I miss him dearly. But I know he has to live his own life. So with that being said, it is time to remember the little boy he was and the fine young man he has grown into. All those times I wondered if I was a 'good' mom seem so far away. I am so proud of Andrew I don't think there are enough words to describe it. A big thank you to him for being such a great son and for joining the Air Force to help defend our country!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bub's Bedroom

I found a nice combination of wallpapers for Bub's room. Here he is with Tiny Judi. He loves his new crib and can't wait to move into Nanny Hazel's house.

For the ceilings in this house I have been using tissue paper to give them some texture. Here is a view of the same room, but you can see the ceiling. The tissue paper effect is so easy and I think it looks good.

Next will be Nanny Hazel room. I have the paper combinations pick out already but since my vacation is over, I am not sure when I will be able to start her room. Check back for more updates!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Laurel

I finally managed some time with the Laurel during my vacation. A trip to Lowe's and I come home with four lovely wallpaper books for free! Can't beat that! I have really been enjoying looking through them and getting ideas. I used some of the papers for the downstairs rooms. So far I have pictures of just the livingroom. I really like how it turned out. I still need to trim it, but that will come soon.

I am really impressed with how the floor looks. Hard to believe it is wallpaper. I will get pictures of the entry room ASAP! It still needs a little work.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Fairy Name

Your fairy is called Tangle Saturnglitter
She is a trouble maker.
She lives at the bottom of tangled gardens and in hedgerows.
She is only seen in the light of a shooting star.
She wears tangled dresses of multicoloured petals. She has delicate pale pink wings like a cicada.

So I am a trouble maker huh? That seems to go along with what hubby says. Actually what he says is that trouble seems to follow me. Not sure how to take that.

Upcoming Vacation

Hurry Sunday...I need a rest. My first vacation of the new year starts next week and I have to confess I am more than ready for some time off. It seems as the economy worsen some people get a little cranky which makes working in retail difficult at times. Shoppers want more bang for their buck and I don't blame them at all. They want their hard earned money well spent and will do whatever they need to do. I am one of those shoppers. Let's remember something though. This is a rough time for a lot of people so please be kind to the ones you meet. Not only is money a little tight for you, but for them also. Just a few things to keep in mind as you shop. Hang on to that receipt. There are many many stores that will not and more importantly cannot do much to help you without that receipt. Worried about receiving one? Just politely ask your cashier. It is not just the cashiers responsibilty to give you that much need little piece of paper, but yours to ask for it. Unsure of the return/refund policy. Again, just ask. It is in your best interest to know how long you have to return a product. Another piece of advice, know your product warranty. Unsure, just ask. I try every day to make my customers' shopping experience a good one. As a customer please try and remember to show consideration to your local retail workers. We really do appreciate you coming to our stores. You are the reason we are in business. This bit of information however does not give any customer the right to be rude to retail workers. Just follow the Golden Rule. It will always lead you down the right path.

Laurel Beginnings

Well Bub is happy that I am finally starting on his house. See him there sitting so carefully on the top of the box? Wave hello to everyone Bub!

This is the front of the house. The door and bay window are not permanent yet. I am very happy with the color choices for this house.

This is a close up of the first complete window. Technically it isn't finished as I have not attached the window box. Speaking of the window boxes I am planning on filling them with more greenery as opposed to flowers. There will be some color in there but not many flowers. Bub's nanny Hazel isn't much of a floral person. She has a few flowers that she likes but prefers greenery. Bub doesn't care either way. He just wants somewhere to call his own. Patience my little Bub. You will soon have a new nursery for your things. Perhaps Nanny Hazel with stitch you some new clothes.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Today is the day. Andrew arrives this afternoon and we are ready for him. I spent a lot more at the grocery store than I usually do. No ramen noodles for him for the next two weeks.

I have made some progress on the Laurel. The window trim is complete as is the door trim. I have it partailly together using blue tape to hold it until the glue dries. The color choices I made I think are going to look fab. Blue, white and brown. Can't wait to see it all painted. As soon as the areas dry where the floors were put in, I can spackle over the slots/tabs and once that is dry sand and the paint. I am really looking forward to seeing it painted. Hubby Michial helped me with the main color. I went to Lowe's and found the perfect match. I was able to purchase an 8 ounce sample can for only 3.99. Not a bad deal. I also like to visit the custom shade department at Lowe's. The have wee samples of mini blinds for only .50 cents. This time, I didn't find any blinds, but I found some fabulous wood samples that may just be the right size for cabinet fronts or perhaps even counter top. The basis of the Laurel build is to give my baby doll Bub somewhere to live. He will live there with his nanny Hazel, who was named after my great grandmother. Bub lived in a box in here closet for many years. Finally he gets a home of his own. Stop pestering me Bub. The house will be done soon enough.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just an update

I received the first of three packages today. They are gifts from my son Andrew. He is currently stationed at Brooks Air Force Base in San Antonio Texas. He is my pride and joy. He is scheduled for a visit next week and I am very excited about it. For once, I am looking forward to grocery shopping because I know he will want some home cooked meals. So, what about the package. Well, it was from Hobby Builder Supply, a favorite place of mine. The have quality products and fantastic customer service. Inside was a Primrose Kit. It is to go with the Laurel that should be arriving in the next day or so. I am hoping to make this into a house for my doll Bub and his nanny. He is currently living in Grandma Norma's house, the McKinley. He is enjoying his time there, but is also excited about the move. Don't rush things Bub. I have a busy schedule and will get going ASAP.

My bread finally got old enough to use for a bread dough batch. That just sounds odd. I mixed up a deep purple portion and also a foliage green. Beautiful little rose and some lovely leaves. Also, made up a blueberry pie. Pictures when everything is dry. I know..such a teaser.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

For Me

Out of all the dollhouses, roomboxes and scenes that I have created, I have never done one especially for me. Until now that is. Being that my favorite color is purple, I found it only natural that I should make a darling little bakery using that color. I am still waiting on the roof to dry, however these shots were best taken without the roof. I am only glueing down one side of it so that I can remove the other to view the interior.

This first picture is of the counter. You have a choice of Strawberry cake or Chocolate. Personally, they are both yummy.

This is a picture of the reception desk. Orders are place here and cookies are always a sweet treat.

Here you can see the clock and the guest table. They may be difficult to see but there are two wee cups on the table.

This little bakery was a gem to create. I am enjoying working in the quarter scale and am thinking of order another 6 piece kit. I'll keep you posted!!
Finally the back wall. The plant in the corner requires little care, which is a plus for a busy baker.