Thursday, March 26, 2009

Making up lost time

Oh what a week it has been. I came down with a nasty sinus infection that put me out for a number of days. Now that I am feeling better I made some progress on Nanny Hazel's appliances. The stove is finally finished. I thought it was finished before put while I was out sick, Nanny had a few ideas of her own. She decide to fix it up a little as she says. What started as an all white stove ended up as a custom creation by Nanny. She went out to the shed and found a can of Farmall Red paint and went to town on the stove. Somewhere she found a rooster print and decopaged it onto the top of the stove. I think it actually turned out nicely and Nanny Hazel is finally happy about something. Here is her work of art.

As you can see, she is already thinking of breakfast for her and Bub. Two soft boiled eggs to share and some strong coffee for her.

Next in line is the sink. I will make sure I put some red in there to make her happy. Hopefully the rest of the lumber will arrive for her shelves. Also we are still waiting for the fridge. Hopefully it will be here soon. So much to do and Nanny has so little patience.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Afternoon

Today being Sunday and a chilly rainy day at that, it seems appropriate for everyone in the house to take a little nap. Nanny Hazel put Bub down for one a little earlier.
Since hubby was napping on the couch, I decided to grab a little shut-eye on the bed. I wasn't in there very long when I heard something odd and came out to take a look. I found Nanny sitting on the bench in the entry of her house. Just sitting, admiring the newely painted swinging door to her kitchen.

Figuring she was just admiring the doors, I headed back down the hall to try and get that nap I so dearly wanted. I no sooner began to fall into dreamland when hubby awakens me. "Umm honey, you'd better get up and come and look at this" was my sweet awakening. Wondering what the cats have possibly gotten into now, I sling my legs over then edge and slump down the hall into the livingroom. "What?" I asked, not seeing anything strange in the room. "Over here" he replies. I walk into my little crafting room right off of the livingroom and here is what I find.

"What are you doing Nanny?" I asked. She simply looked at me and said "Well you gonna stand there with your mouth open gawkin' at me or you gonna give me a hand with this dang wall?" I rushed over to give her a hand. She had already gotten the floor piece and the front wall pulled up. When we got it up on the table she sat down on here bench. "I'm plum tuckered out from that." When I asked her why she was hauling the walls up, she said she wanted to get a better look at her kitchen. She said the blue sink was not going to work. I told her that it hasn't been painted yet and it will look wonderful when I am done. She didn't look convinced. She asked again about the roosters. I told her to be patient. She apparently feels she is too old to be patient. She also wants some red in there. Told me she would let me know what she wanted red when she decided. This gal is a handful let me tell ya.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Arrival Day

Nanny Hazel has finally made it! It was a cold rainy day outside, but indoors Bub was shining with happiness.

Here they are together in Nanny Hazel's room. Her bed hasn't arrived yet, so she may have to borrow a bed.

Tiny Judi stopped over for a visit. She always enjoys spending time with Bub and Nanny Hazel.

Now that she has arrived we can get down to business with her and Bub's house. Nanny has a lot of ideas and I can tell that she is determined. "Roosters" was the first thing she hollered for when we started discussing the kitchen. She does love roosters. I think that I can work with that. Here is what we have accomplished so far.

She loves the swinging door. I just knew she would. She said that she wants it white, to match all the other trim. She also loves white trim. She says that if all the trim in a house is white then the paint is cheaper and you can afford to keep it looking nice. Nanny is very frugal.

These walls will most likely be where the kitchen cupboards go. Nanny enjoys looking out the window while she washes up the dishes, so the sink will likely be positioned there.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit. Check back often as I have a lot of ideas going through my head and that means updates!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Window Treatments

I worked on dressing the windows in the two bedrooms. For Bub's room I went with cornices only for now. I may add mini blinds someday.

In Nanny Hazel's room I installed the curtains that she sent me. These are handmade and she has always loved them.

Bub is being a rascal these days. He has taken off his little shorts and thrown them out of the crib, along with his drum.

No word yet on Nanny Hazel's arrival date. She has sent some of her belongings ahead so I have placed them in the attic storage area. She is very fond of her handmade crocheted rugs and her wonderful hats.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Nanny Hazel and Tiny Judi

I received an email this morning from my wonderful Aunt Jo up in Michigan. She commented on the interesting name for Nanny Hazel. Nanny Hazel is indeed named for my two grandmothers. My Grandma (my Mom's mom) was always called Nanny or Little Grandma. She was not very tall. My Great Grandma was called Big Grandma as she was taller than Little Grandma. Her first name was Hazel. Confusing I know, But it worked. So here is Big Grandma and Grandpa many many years ago.

Here is a picture of Nanny Hazel, who will be taking care of Bub in the Laurel house.

About a year ago, I purchased a 'grab box' from a seller on eBay. I received a sweet little doll in the assortment. Now, up until this point I had not even considered putting dolls in my houses. I have never been much of a doll person. This little one changed my way of thinking. I named her Tiny Judi. I think you will understand after you look at the next two photos.

So there is the story behind my namings. This one is for you Aunt Jo!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Wonderful News!

I just found out that Nanny Hazel will be arriving sometime this coming week. Bub and I are so excited! We can hardly wait. Fortunately I have made enough progress on her house that she will be pleasantly surprise. All that is really left to do of the major construction is the shingling of the main roof. I will finish that up tomorrow. I lost all my good natural lighting when the sun went down. So, I am off to work on some of the smaller details. Rugs are in place and Bub has taken up temporary residence in his room.

Laurel Update

I took the opportunity of a day off to work on the shingling for the porch roof. I am still debating if I should put another coat of stain on them. It turned out better than I hoped, but I am not certain I like the way it looks. I will have to get used to it I guess because I do not feel like redoing it. Perhaps once the main roof is done it will be more appealing to me.

I have started on the third floor room. It will be a combination of sewing and storage. Nanny Hazel is hoping for a sewing machine. Now that she is taking care of Bub, she will have to make him some new things. She doesn't have much for a baby. Pictures will follow shortly. I am playing the waiting game on the ceiling/roof piece. For some reason I skipped it when I did the majority of my priming. The weather is warm today with a nice breeze coming in so it shouldn't take too long to dry. I have picked out a lovely wallpaper for the side walls. More to come....

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pretty Snow

It doesn't happen often here in South Carolina, but when it does it certainly is pretty. Well, as long as I am on the inside looking out.