Sunday, April 12, 2009

Livingroom Couch

I have been working a little at a time on the couch for Hazel's livingroom. I finally finished it today.

I found Hazel's favorite mirror packed away in an old chest. After cleaning it up a bit and hanging it, I get Hazel's final approval.

I am hoping to get some free time this week to start on the bathroom. Bub is tired of bathing in the sink.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Kitchen Update

Nanny Hazel is finally able to sit down in her kitchen and have a good strong cup of coffee. She apparently has had company. Perhaps that is who Nanny is gazing at through the open window. She mentioned at one time having a 'friend' named Don, but I haven't met him. Maybe some day I will catch him when he visits.

We are both happy with her appliances. I am growing to like the red color that Nanny loves so much.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nanny Hazel's Bedroom

Well I finally got out of my slump a little and worked on getting the furnishings ready for Hazel's bedroom. Her original full sized bed would not fit so I had to find her a small one. She is happy with it, for now. Hopefully she will let me get other things ready for the house before she decides she needs a bigger bed. It won't be too long and Bub will be needing a big boy bed. Let's not rush things though. Nanny Hazel is in no hurry for that. She was nice enough to agree to show her new things.

I don't see much mini-ing time this week ahead. Full schedule until Saturday afternoon, so I don't expect to accomplish much. I did get the refridgerator installed and the plumber installed the kitchen faucet. Soon Nanny Hazel will be filling the house full of smells from her wonderful cooking. Bub is looking forward to that. The table and chairs need a good cleaning before they can be brought in. They have been in storage awhile. Hopefully I can get these smaller things done this week.