Saturday, March 7, 2009

Laurel Update

I took the opportunity of a day off to work on the shingling for the porch roof. I am still debating if I should put another coat of stain on them. It turned out better than I hoped, but I am not certain I like the way it looks. I will have to get used to it I guess because I do not feel like redoing it. Perhaps once the main roof is done it will be more appealing to me.

I have started on the third floor room. It will be a combination of sewing and storage. Nanny Hazel is hoping for a sewing machine. Now that she is taking care of Bub, she will have to make him some new things. She doesn't have much for a baby. Pictures will follow shortly. I am playing the waiting game on the ceiling/roof piece. For some reason I skipped it when I did the majority of my priming. The weather is warm today with a nice breeze coming in so it shouldn't take too long to dry. I have picked out a lovely wallpaper for the side walls. More to come....

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