Saturday, March 14, 2009

Arrival Day

Nanny Hazel has finally made it! It was a cold rainy day outside, but indoors Bub was shining with happiness.

Here they are together in Nanny Hazel's room. Her bed hasn't arrived yet, so she may have to borrow a bed.

Tiny Judi stopped over for a visit. She always enjoys spending time with Bub and Nanny Hazel.

Now that she has arrived we can get down to business with her and Bub's house. Nanny has a lot of ideas and I can tell that she is determined. "Roosters" was the first thing she hollered for when we started discussing the kitchen. She does love roosters. I think that I can work with that. Here is what we have accomplished so far.

She loves the swinging door. I just knew she would. She said that she wants it white, to match all the other trim. She also loves white trim. She says that if all the trim in a house is white then the paint is cheaper and you can afford to keep it looking nice. Nanny is very frugal.

These walls will most likely be where the kitchen cupboards go. Nanny enjoys looking out the window while she washes up the dishes, so the sink will likely be positioned there.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit. Check back often as I have a lot of ideas going through my head and that means updates!!

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