Monday, February 9, 2009

Today is the day. Andrew arrives this afternoon and we are ready for him. I spent a lot more at the grocery store than I usually do. No ramen noodles for him for the next two weeks.

I have made some progress on the Laurel. The window trim is complete as is the door trim. I have it partailly together using blue tape to hold it until the glue dries. The color choices I made I think are going to look fab. Blue, white and brown. Can't wait to see it all painted. As soon as the areas dry where the floors were put in, I can spackle over the slots/tabs and once that is dry sand and the paint. I am really looking forward to seeing it painted. Hubby Michial helped me with the main color. I went to Lowe's and found the perfect match. I was able to purchase an 8 ounce sample can for only 3.99. Not a bad deal. I also like to visit the custom shade department at Lowe's. The have wee samples of mini blinds for only .50 cents. This time, I didn't find any blinds, but I found some fabulous wood samples that may just be the right size for cabinet fronts or perhaps even counter top. The basis of the Laurel build is to give my baby doll Bub somewhere to live. He will live there with his nanny Hazel, who was named after my great grandmother. Bub lived in a box in here closet for many years. Finally he gets a home of his own. Stop pestering me Bub. The house will be done soon enough.

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