Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Upcoming Vacation

Hurry Sunday...I need a rest. My first vacation of the new year starts next week and I have to confess I am more than ready for some time off. It seems as the economy worsen some people get a little cranky which makes working in retail difficult at times. Shoppers want more bang for their buck and I don't blame them at all. They want their hard earned money well spent and will do whatever they need to do. I am one of those shoppers. Let's remember something though. This is a rough time for a lot of people so please be kind to the ones you meet. Not only is money a little tight for you, but for them also. Just a few things to keep in mind as you shop. Hang on to that receipt. There are many many stores that will not and more importantly cannot do much to help you without that receipt. Worried about receiving one? Just politely ask your cashier. It is not just the cashiers responsibilty to give you that much need little piece of paper, but yours to ask for it. Unsure of the return/refund policy. Again, just ask. It is in your best interest to know how long you have to return a product. Another piece of advice, know your product warranty. Unsure, just ask. I try every day to make my customers' shopping experience a good one. As a customer please try and remember to show consideration to your local retail workers. We really do appreciate you coming to our stores. You are the reason we are in business. This bit of information however does not give any customer the right to be rude to retail workers. Just follow the Golden Rule. It will always lead you down the right path.

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