Wednesday, January 28, 2009

For Me

Out of all the dollhouses, roomboxes and scenes that I have created, I have never done one especially for me. Until now that is. Being that my favorite color is purple, I found it only natural that I should make a darling little bakery using that color. I am still waiting on the roof to dry, however these shots were best taken without the roof. I am only glueing down one side of it so that I can remove the other to view the interior.

This first picture is of the counter. You have a choice of Strawberry cake or Chocolate. Personally, they are both yummy.

This is a picture of the reception desk. Orders are place here and cookies are always a sweet treat.

Here you can see the clock and the guest table. They may be difficult to see but there are two wee cups on the table.

This little bakery was a gem to create. I am enjoying working in the quarter scale and am thinking of order another 6 piece kit. I'll keep you posted!!
Finally the back wall. The plant in the corner requires little care, which is a plus for a busy baker.


moti said...

Hi, I absolutely agree with you, it´s a real passion about miniature world!!!, congratulations for your mini work!!!

Dollhouse Dreams said...

Thanks for stopping in for a visit. Looking forward to seeing you again.