Sunday, December 28, 2008

15th Annual Creatin' Contest

This is my entry for the contest. It is my 'Loveshack'. I wanted to do something completely different, as the video for the song mentions. It is not an exact replica of the shack in the video by the B52's. I was going for something I had not seen before in a dollhouse.

The winning entry is not scheduled to be announced until March 2009. It will be a long anxious wait for me. I have seen some other entries and they are just fantastic. While I would love to win a prize, I mainly entered for the opportunity to build something unique. Also, all enterants received a gift for entering. It is rumored to be the next contest build..a Gazebo. So now I need to put my thinking cap on and come up with something.


Living said...

hi! I'd be really interested in posting photos of your love shack on fluffybricks- it's the sort of offbeat miniature I'm looking for!
Would you be interested in submitting?

Dollhouse Dreams said...

Feel free to post them. Thanks for liking it well enough to post it.

Debbie said...

brilliant, Loving the Love shack..