Monday, May 25, 2009

Real Life Takes Over

I have to apologize to my followers for being away so long. Real life just kind of stepped in and took over. I lost my creativity for a while, but I believe it is back. I once again have the urge to 'mini' and have made some progress on Nanny Hazel's house.

Today I made a nifty little bowl.

I receive a newsletter on a regular basis that had a link to the instructions. will take you to the main page and you can explore from there. It is a fantastic minis area with tons of ideas and suggestion. I tried to make a regular link to it but for some reason it wouldn't work. Just highlight the web address and copy and paste to your address bar. I recommend signing up for Lesley's newsletter if you haven't already.

Along with the bowl/flowerpots I have been working on the bathroom for Nanny. She and Bub have been more than patient with me. Nanny isn't much of a frilly lasy, however she does like her floral bathroom. This is where she like to be ladylike.

I have left the roof off on this side to have better access to the bathroom.

This is a closer shot of the wall sconce. I really like these, they brighten up the room.

It won't be too much longer and I will be ready to attach that roof. Then it will be time to shingle. Better get busy staining them so they have plenty of time to dry. I am also unpacking more and more of Hazel's things so I will be getting them placed and added more photos! I look forward to your next visit.


JFolk said...

Its looking great!
I have given you a award for your blog if you should like to come pick it up at my blog :)

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